Список статей в журнале Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition, Volume 17 Issue 1, 2012 (С. 51)

Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition, Volume 17 Issue 1, 2012

Lluis Gene, Susana Esteban, Julián González, Mourad Akâarir, Antoni Gamundí, Rubén V. Rial, Maria Cristina Nicolau Llobera
Asymmetric sleep in rats (pages 1-17)

Tino Stöckel, Matthias Weigelt
Brain lateralisation and motor learning: Selective effects of dominant and non-dominant hand practice on the early acquisition of throwing skills (pages 18-37)

Varalakshmi Sontam, Stephen D. Christman
Semantic organisation and handedness: Mixed-handedness is associated with more diffuse activation of ambiguous word associates (pages 38-50)

David W. Frayer, Marina Lozano, José M. Bermúdez de Castro, Eudald Carbonell, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Jakov Radovčić, Ivana Fiore, Luca Bondioli
More than 500,000 years of right-handedness in Europe (pages 51-69)

Rachel Fazio, Craig Coenen, Robert L. Denney
The original instructions for the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory are misunderstood by a majority of participants (pages 70-77)

Hazel K. Godfrey, Gina M. Grimshaw
Emotional prosody rarely affects the spatial distribution of visual attention (pages 78-97)

Jeannette M. Stein
Framing effects: The influence of handedness and access to right hemisphere processing (pages 98-110)

David B. Hanbury, Kyle D. Edens, Claire E. Legg, Shane P. Harrell, Tammy F. Greer, Sheree L. Watson
Age-related decline in lateralised prey capture success in Garnett’s bushbaby (Otolemur garnettii) (pages 111-118)

Bjørn Sætrevik
The right ear advantage revisited: Speech lateralization in dichotic listening using consonant–vowel and vowel–consonant syllables (pages 119-127)

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