Regulations on reviewing the articles in the journal “Asymmetry”

All manuscripts (the paper) received by the Editor of “Asymmetry” are review.

1. Forms of review articles: immediate review by the editorial staff; author may submit his review article, with the editorial board reserves the right to conduct additional review.

2. The reviewer is chosen secretary of the journal from the members of the Editorial Board (in consultation with the chief editor), or the leading experts on the profile of this work.

3. Editorial secretary within 7 days of receipt notify the authors of the article.

4. Terms of peer review in each case determined by the Secretary with the creation of conditions for maximum operational publication.

5. The review covered the following issues: whether the contents of the article claimed the title of the topic; whether the article readers to whom it is intended, in terms of language, style and arrangement of material, clarity of tables, diagrams, drawings, formulas; is it appropriate to publish articles based on previously released the subject of literature; what exactly are the positives and drawbacks article, what corrections and additions should be made to the author; reviewer makes a conclusion about the possibility of publishing: “accept for publication”, “accept for publication in view of correcting deficiencies noted reviewer,” “The manuscript needed to be improved and additional review” or “reject.”

6. After graduating from the analysis article, the reviewer fills out a standardized form (Appendix 1) with the final recommendations.

7. With a positive review article shall be submitted to the editorial board meeting to decide on publication.

8. If a reviewer has commented on the work, requiring the participation of the author to remove, it is sent to the authors for correction. The deadline for correcting the author of articles in accordance with the reviewers’ comments is set to 1 month.

9. Corrected article is directed to re-review. In this reviewer gives a conclusion about the possibility of its publication.

10. Provided the author of all the reviewers’ comments can not be sent paper is to re-review and a decision about its publication was adopted at a meeting of the Editorial Board.

12. Review shall be conducted confidentially. In case of rejection of articles published edition the author sends a reasoned refusal.

13. The article is not recommended for publication by the reviewer to re-examination is not accepted. Text negative review sent to the author by email.

14. The presence of positive reviews is not sufficient justification for publishing the article. The final decision on whether the publication is accepted by the editorial committee.

15. Accepted after decisions on the admission of an article for publication shall inform the author and indicate dates of publication.

Editor-in-Chief of “Asymmetry”, Ph.D., Professor VF Fokin

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